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I have always been interested in living in harmony with wildlife and nature. This is why I enjoy living in rural Virginia.

This interest primarily involves creating habitat that my presence takes away.

Yet this is a difficult balance and at times I am discriminating.

For example, I'll attract birds all day long, but when a crazy robin gets it in his head that his rival-reflection in my windows is worth a bloody beak, I take action.





I really enjoy birds but I am not diehard watcher in pursuit of new identifications. Most of my bird houses have been materially influenced...in that they are not necessarily houses that birds choose to live in but are created based on what I have in front of me to work with. Yet birds are very specific in the types of houses they will accept and it is only when I adhere to certain dimensions that my houses are inhabited. (This observation validates why 'man as measure' is a proportional tool for architectural design)


Upcoming projects will be to attract quail, screech owls and bats to my property.