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The Wexner Center for the Visual Arts is located on the Campus of Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio.

Photo Credit: Galinsky – People enjoying buildings worldwide; Wexner Center for the Arts, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, Christy Rogers 1998 (updated 2006)


This site documents my research and current understanding of Peter Eisenman's Wexner Center for Visual Arts. This study is part of an ongoing architectural education and was completed for a qualifying seminar class during the spring semester of 2008.

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"Designed by Peter Eisenman, Richard Trott and James H. Bean, the Wexner Center marks a shift in the purpose of all museums, particularly those of the future by way of its most obvious external design motif - a cubic grid-spine of steel and glass that partially envelopes, penetrates the buildings spaces and runs the length of the Wexner Center.

The poetics of the construction and application of these materials calls attention to the contents of the building as an ever-changing program or process rather than a static archive. Also, the literal transparency of this spine attempts to attract the entire public, rather than just those inside, making the building's primary design concept an evocative symbol of the times." (Exerpt from "The Museum Transformed by Douglas Davis)

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