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Descriptive Geometry Project
Spring, 2008
Professor: Mark E. Schneider, Ph.D.



Philibert De L'orme was a French architect, one of the great masters of the Renaissance. The trompe of study was built at the Chateau of Annet for King Henry II.

The trompe no longer exists, destroyed by warfare, the only information available is from his treatise Livre IV. De L'Architectvre. The group's task was to use descriptive geometry to study and model the trompe.

This archive documents the collective work product of group members from start to final presentation. The site also documents work by Justin Dowd and Mike Nolan who used De L'orme's methods to describe alternative trompe designs.

The group would like to thank Dr. Schneider for his translations from the French treatise and his guidance throughout the project.

This web site can be found online at the URL below:

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