- inside, outside. Container and the contained. Space & light study.




a common thread ?

The following studies have no formal connection, yet they all derive from the same mind. Thus, a question of interest is one of design DNA: Are forms from the same designer unconciously common and innately related despite a concious effort to avoid recurrening styles. The primary forms should of course be omitted from such judgement. However, using the manipulated cube and stand as a seqway to other possible connections is legitimate.

primary forms

This is a small sample of the work that surrounded a primary form project. Aside from creating 5 primary forms (sphere, cone, cylinder, cube and tetrahedron) from Black Walnut, I manipulated a second cube into a trans formative spatial study to help reveal the true nature of the form. Lastly, a base was created for this object using the original cuts.

more form on the way...