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Huppa Pole Project

Separateness and individuality at birth. Over time, crossing "paths" until the right time for togetherness terminates in an endless circle/loop that points to heaven and God.

Materials: Bamboo, Grapevine, Hemp Twine




I have been honored to craft a few pieces for a two wedding ceremonies within my family. I find satisfaction in making and expression through "sculpture".

Huppa Poles and Huppa

Huppa Poles are functionally meant to hold the huppa cloth. Together, they form an open shelter for the Jewish marriage ceremony and symbolically represent God's grace and protection for the couple and also openness so that others can move into the marriage and be blessed by the couples relationship/tribute to God. Traditionally, when young Jewish boys and girls are born, trees are planted. I believe the son's tree is a pine and the girl's an oak. Upon their respective wedding days, branches from these trees are used as huppa poles.


For my own wedding, I constructed the arbor below as the alter. My wife and I enjoy the outdoors and believe in God's grace and this altar was designed to praise God and celebrate nature. Constructed of saplings, the fragility of life is an important undertone of this structure. The structure no longer exists as it did on our wedding day. I returned everything to the forest from which the materials were harvested. By letting go of the structure, we are reminded that the permanence of our marriage is not to be taken for granted. Faith is more eternal than anything physical/material.


Symbology: The symbol for eternity is embedded in the cross, within a two tiered archway. The first tier cradles the wedding party and family and represents earthly support. The upper arch extends to heaven for the support of God.

Materials: Saplings, Grapevine, Nails and Rope.