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  - Names are so interesting!

...how names get promoted from one generation to the next. Our names have fabulous stories. The story here is of a different nature, and impossible not to tell.

Funny Story

It was a normal day and dressing early for the gym I put on a baseball cap I periodically wear. The cap was a gift from my father. The cap has an embroidered logo on it very similar to the logo left. "Shell" + "Hammer" = Schellhammer.

During my workout, I caught someone staring at me. The repetitive staring was bad enough, but the puzzled looks were worse. What was this person's problem? Whatever, I was on my way out.

While I was packing up, the guy came up and asked, "excuse me, but I cannot figure out your hat....what does it mean?"

"Oh", I replied in relief, and then said proudly, "well it is a picture of my last name."

He replied in disbelief, "your last name is scallop mallet ?"

More on Schellhammer - Fredrick Paul Schellhammer was my grandfather on my father's side. I never got to meet him. He died of a heart attack at the age of 45. He was a decorated WWII veteran. Articles about his life and untimely death are compiled here: Frederick Paul Schellhammer (pdf)